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Color Lists

Refreshable Color Palettes


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Why does this look exactly like the built in Apple Color Palettes?

I built this as a supplement to Apple's Color Palettes (the 3rd tab from the left in the color picker). Apple's Color Palettes don't reload when switching between applications.

If you add a color to an Apple Color Palette from photoshop, then switch to another application like Xcode, the color won't be available until you quit and re-start Xcode. With Color Lists, you can manually reload them when needed.

Why are the default Apple Color Palettes not available?

Because they technically aren't editable, and they exist in the 3rd tab from the left (Color Palettes).

Why not refresh automatically when the color palette changes on disk?

It's usually not necessary.

Requires Mac OS X 10.10 + 64bit
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